Get 10+ interviews a month at your favorite companies with 0 effort

"43 interviews at Stripe, Microsoft, Doordash, and other billion dollar companies, and a compensation increase of $65,000 in 4 weeks"- Alice

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Get 10+ interviews a month at your favorite companies with zero effort

1 month of Relentless took Anu from 0 to 30 interviews at companies like Facebook, Barclays, and IBM.

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Anu's Case Study: 30 interviews in 1 month

Anu is an international student with over 5 years of experience at Accenture.
Prior to Relentless, Anu was landing 1 or 2 interviews each month.
After getting accepted into the program, Anu landed 30 interviews in the 1st month at companies like Facebook, Barclays, and IBM.

"The interview generation machine they built is f*cking insane." - Max Weisbrod

"Got 30 interviews at companies like BCG and Fortune 500s in January alone" - Ryan Lacey, Marketing @ Brooks (Fortune 500)

"Kareem's process helped over 20 of our clients land interviews" - Justin Hajjiri, Cofounder @ Forbes Published Career Coach

"The guys at Relentless are next level." - Benny, Biz Ops @ startup ($10MN in funding)

"The guys at Relentless are next level. They helped me get 17 interviews and 2 offers, including an offer at a company with $10MN+ in funding and an incredibly ambitious team of operators." 

"The results were 10x what I paid for" - Anirudh Nair, Software Engineer @ Lendtable

"Relentless was critical for helping me understand how to pitch my strengths to employers and sell myself.
They also helped me negotiate and close on a base 20% more than what I was initially going to get at a YCombinator startup with millions of dollars in funding.
They weren't cheap but the results were 10x what I paid for, and I'm so happy with the outcome." 

"The founder Kareem is a sales and marketing genius." - Yash V., Product @ Kichler (Global manufacturing company)

"The best way to land interviews in 2021" - Heider T., Finance @ Apple

"If you get into the program, do it." - Ally Sekora

"I've got a Master's from one of Canada's top universities, graduated with a first class honors from my undergrad degree, and have years of experience working at a Fortune 500 company to drive literally millions of dollars worth of impact.
I still had trouble structuring a good resume, selling myself, landing interviews, and getting replies.
Working with Relentless changed that. 
1 in 4 people we reached out to got back to us - not everyone said yes to an interview, but some did and the fact I was actually hearing back on applications and knowing that my resume was getting reviewed was incredible to me, especially because it took next to 0 time to implement.
I ended up withdrawing from the service to focus on my some personal issues and I got refunded all money that was due. They truly care about providing you with more value than they capture.
If you get into the program, do it. You won't regret it."

How this works


You apply. If you're accepted, we proceed to stage 2


We learn about your professional goals


We revamp your resume, LinkedIn, and online brand


We apply to and email your favorite companies for you


  • How much does this cost?

    We charge a small margin of the value we create. That said, if you're looking for a low cost solution, this isn't it. 

  • Does this work for everyone?

    No. We have a stringent screening process and don't move forward with 90% of applicants.

  • This seems too good to be true. How do you do this? 

    We work. A lot. Relentless members have a dedicated sales team that spend 60 hours a month applying to jobs and reaching out to hiring managers on their behalf. It also helps that we've spent years in sales and marketing, ran recruiting projects at venture backed startups and McKinsey, and have experience helping hundreds of people land interviews.

  • What if I'm accepted and this doesn't work for me?

    That means we made a mistake in the screening process. In this case, we take full responsibility and give you your money back. 

  • I'm on a budget. Do you offer scholarships?

    Not at this time. We suggest you check out our newsletter or the founder's LinkedIn for free content.

  • Do you help businesses find talent?

    Yes, but we typically only work with 1 partner a month. Pitch your company: moc.sseltnelernioj%40meerak